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The Maui Butterfly Farm

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About The Maui Butterfly Farm

The Maui Butterfly Farm


We recently took The Maui Butterfly Farm tour and it was not only educational, it was magical!

The tour starts with your guide going over the beginning stages of life for various butterflies and what they like to eat in those stages. This is followed by an overview of the butterflies you can find on Maui. Next your guide takes you through the tents that are home to hundreds of butterflies. You’ll get to hold and feed the butterflies while learning about the importance of butterfly conservation from your guide.

In this short video you’ll get a sneak peek inside the butterfly tents with a close up look at Monarchs, Citrus Swallowtails, and the endemic Kamehameha butterflies.

Butterflies + More

This is a hands-on, educational experience that is fun for everyone, especially the kiddos! Feed the butterflies, hold a praying mantis in The Maui Butterfly Farm’s new small praying mantis section, and take pictures in the “your-face-here” butterfly cutout. Look up and you’ll find, above the tents, a large tree where a bee hive has been going strong since the 1940’s.

Because monarch butterflies love Milkweed everyone on the tour receives a packet of Milkweed seeds to take home and plant. We just love that the butterfly farm is something different and new to Maui!

Book a Butterfly Farm Tour

The Maui Butterfly Farm is located in the area heading into Lahaina known as Olowalu. You can’t miss the sign off Honoapiilani Highway!

Book online to reserve your space! Private group rates are available for those who’d like to book the entire farm for the duration of the tour.

820 Olowalu Village Road
Lahaina, HI 96761

10AM- 1PM Daily


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