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Maui KU’IA Estate Chocolates – Aloha Amenity

Maui KU’IA Estate Chocolates Amenity

We are excited to announce the addition of Maui KU’IA Estate chocolates to our Aloha Amenities. Our Aloha Amenities are welcome amenities you will find upon arrival in your Grace Vacation Rental condo. We make supporting local a priority so these amenities have been selected from Maui crafters.

Maui KU’IA Estate Chocolate is made on Maui and has a special story with strong community connections. The cacao farm was started in 2013 by Dr. Gunars E. Valkirs in Lahaina, near the Ka’anaplia area. It was a hobby farm that was operating with significant losses. In 2016, using their personal wealth to continue on their long tradition of giving to the Maui community, the Valkirs established Maui KU’IA Estate Chocolate (MKEC) so that 100% of its net profits are given back to the Maui non-profit community.

The Reality of Growing Cacao

Cacao as a raw agricultural commodity is not viable in Hawaii according to Dr. Valkirs. The reality of growing cacao became clearly evident in August 2018 when winds from Hurricane Lane defoliated the entire farm and was accompanied by a firestorm.

The cost of producing cacao in Hawaii was extremely higher than world commodity pricing and Dr. Valkirs estimates that the first two bars they made cost around $400,000 each.

It takes 10 years to plant and mature 50 acres of cacao so to make it happen they decided to import unique award winning cocoa beans from a single-family estate in Ecuador, Costa Esmeraldas. Over time the percentage of Maui cacao has grown and they now have a Maui Grown Collection that features chocolate made on Maui from the cacao grown at their Lahaina farm.


While you’ll now find Maui KU’IA Estate Chocolates in your condo along with a bag of Wailuku Coffee Company coffee and Maui Macaroons, you can experience more at the Maui KU’IA Estate Chocolate Factory.

Located in Lahaina Town, it’s just a short drive from Maui Sands, Maui Sands Seaside, and Paki Maui. This is where they begin their farm tours, have a Chocolate Bar, and an open-air pavilion with amazing views to enjoy your treats.

Hours: 9am – 4:30pm, 7 Days a Week

Address: 78 Ulupono St, Suite 1, Lahaina, HI 96761

Phone: 844-844-5842 (KUIA)

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