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Grocery Delivery Services

We often get ask us about grocery delivery services on Maui. We thought we would take a moment to share our recommendations. When using these services please let us know so that we may coordinate the drop off with the grocery delivery company.

Maui Grocery Service
Maui Grocery Service

Shop the Maui Grocery Service website and choose your delivery day and time! They will shop for you as close to your delivery time as possible to ensure freshness. Orders must be placed 24 hours in advance. When possible Maui Grocery Service prefers to deliver before your arrival, so when you walk through the door the drinks are cold, snacks are available and you are ready to start your vacation.

When you shop Maui Grocery Service online you are shopping from Costco, Wholefoods, Foodland, Safeway, Mana Foods, Down to Earth, & Times. They do this so to offer you the largest selection & freshest products available on Maui.

When staying with Grace Vacation Rentals, be sure to include our contact information in their Special Instruction section of your order then let us know about your delivery and we’ll assist in making the necessary arrangements for the delivery.

Maui Market Delivery
Maui Market Delivery

Designed to save you time, Maui Market Delivery is a full-service grocery delivery company that will shop, deliver and put everything away in the kitchen and fridge for you! Finding certain grocery items on Maui sometimes requires a long drive from the resort areas and a lengthy wait at check-out counters after fighting through crowds of shoppers.

With access to a vast selection of products, you can customize your order and enjoy all of your favorite food & drinks while on your vacation without the hassle of driving around to find them. Use their online order form to send your grocery & alcohol list to them -OR- fill out their downloadable order form if you prefer.

Let us know you’ve ordered these services and we’ll coordinate with them to deliver your food and alcohol prior to your arrival ensuring that the process is as effortless for you as possible.

Maui Market Delivery

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