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Getting Involved on Vacation 

On the very surface, Maui is known for world-famous beaches, endless summers, and gorgeous sunsets that can stop you in your tracks. But it’s the Hawaiian culture and history that makes Maui more than a “resort destination.” Learning with active participation in Maui’s restoration will connect you to a deeper understanding of the people and their land. Whether it’s your 1st time or 100th time to Maui, we encourage you to give back to the community.

Go deeper by getting involved!


Maui Cultural Lands is a Maui based land trust non-profit organization that focuses on Hawaiian cultural lands along the coast and inland areas. They are a small organization and operate on volunteerism. On Saturday’s you can join them for their regular maintenance work projects that are dedicated to preserving the Honokowai Valley project.

Work within an 800-year-old archaeological site. See and feel what life used to be like in 1200AD. Stabilize Hawaiian Cultural resources by maintaining the integrity of this sacred site.

This is a closed-toe shoe, long sleeve shirt, and pants type of activity so be sure to pack those if you are planning to get dirty on Maui. Gloves and tools are provided BUT you will need to bring your own mask, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, water, and lunch.

There are also more volunteering opportunities on other days of the week at different West Maui locations. Groups and families are welcome all you have to do is confirm your participation by contacting them. If Saturday is not your day, it’s OK! Inquire about the other opportunities to get involved on the different days of the week.

Find more details, the project calendar, where to meet, and how to confirm here.

Check out this video of Maui Cultural Lands from May of 2016.

Maui gives so much, why not give back?


Heading to the beach for the day? Grab a few trash bags and join Surfrider’s online solo cleanups and track your data as you go. Probably one of the simplest yet most impactful ways to give back is to join a beach clean-up. Since we’re in different times the Surfrider Foundation, Maui has made it even easier to get involved. Learn more about solo cleanups here.

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